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ZermattMarch 20 2015.  April 30 '15 will mark our 18th Anniversary.-   

INTEGRITY IS OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. is an intelligent investment club which delivers unbiased, objective & professional viewpoints since 1997.        

Through this media I share proprietary viewpoints, articles, in-person company visit reports with listed company managing directors -and regular Thai stocks investor intelligence. Members also enjoy an active member forum where they can comment, ask or/and contribute.

"Low inflation, low commodity, gold, besides interest rates are all what made 2014 yet another good year for stocks!  Few predicted this a year ago. Contrary to ever advocating EFT funds by so called investor pros', there is allot of merit to value investing in higher dividend Thai growth stocks, like example renewable energy which remains the boom sector in Thailand."  Paul A. Renaud.

Since April 1997, timely & original articles are published here regularly to contributing members.  Original member articles selectively released to all free registered users some 4-6 weeks later. Members have unrestricted access to all articles our active member lounge postings and the monitored on going 6 month model portfolios and your questions, shared with contributing members. 

"In SE Asia there are many great stock investor opportunities as the mega institutions only chase large caps, when in fact 75% of the Thai economy is generated by smaller or mid cap companies. Hence there are real "diamonds in the rough"...and these "taste great & less filling"... but you will never find them in billion dollar portfolios."  Paul Renaud.  

Here I show regular and updated model-portfolios along with our active member-only forum postings, along with regular Thai investor expert comments/articles/company visit, expert reports and more. 

Over 2 million visited us 1997. excels at investor performance over time through the rational and responsible value investing concept  -as seen objectively from a pro's investor point of view.

Value investing here means growing earnings per share over time, along with high current dividend income in understandable & researched companies.

We are not stock promoters and never receive any remuneration of any kind from any listed company!  We publish responsible & unbiased viewpoints, sans plus.

We help our members with market intelligent articles, Thai stock 6 month model portfolio's, stock investor ideas often based on in person company visits, which we rate/evaluate based on my long experienced on location view points.  We can help you get going, find a broker & answer short questions usually within 24 hours.    

As here documented to members all along: the full track record from year 2003 to inclusive 2013.   Since year 2003, I  regularly post 6 month model portfolio's which can be accessed by all members.  Hence a documented track record as witnessed by all members all along.

"I have appreciated your viewpoints this past year and am very happy with the results   Thanks again. I much look forward to reading the most intelligent economic/investment writing about Thailand to be found anywhere in the world.  Especially in terms of the performance of my investments. But also in expanding my knowledge of the workings of the SET."  A Member comment.  

Here are some comments given in the past by professionals:  /index.php?module=News&func=display&sid=700 

Sharing of my expertise, viewpoints and independent research -full time- so to help create new wealth through the value and high dividend investing theme. This through my long on location expert knowledge, experience and strong connections in the segment of smaller and medium-sized Thai companies.  

Thai Stock Exchange is open to foreign investors since 1976.

Growth vs. ValuationI know it like very few others here.. for many of us its the right and rational way to higher investor returns over time -along with lower then market volatility.  
We are not stock promoters and unlike others receive no fees/payments from any companies we follow!   I focus 100% on what I do best which is finding high dividend stock "gems" so shared to our members.  ****  
For over 24 years on location I have with focus, passion, high ethics and determination excelled giving viewpoints as seen from the Thai stock value investors' point of view..  The many years continued model portfolio's track record -as witnessed by our members all along- is validated as follows:

 Calender Years:     2003   2004   2005   2006    2007   2008   2009   2010    2011    2012     2013   2014:

% change each year: 88% (14)%  82%   32%  42%   (40)%  55%  50%  17.8%  45%  (year 2012),  12.8% (year 2013), 37.95% (year 2014)

Simple average, over past 12 years:         34.7 %,  per year.
Geometric average, over past 12 years:   28.8 %,  per year.

Above shown track record is with no financial stock shorting or hedging/puts which larger portfolios employ.  Realize, this is "armchair investing" and not my own, its all based on documented model portfolio to members all along.  
Of course future such returns will go down and up and there are never guarantees.  Past performance is not a guarantee to future returns. Paul Renaud

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Best Regards,

Paul A. Renaud.
Paul A. Renaud
from Morgan Stanley USA, to 25 years on-location analyzing the Thai stock market.   "Devoted to growth, low valuations and high dividends."


IntroductionProfessional Introduction.

We are a leading pro's run with high integrity, long experience and Thai stock market intelligence. We welcome visitors here only so to help responsible investors and this industry.

IntroductionAn brief introduction to what we stand for and here share.

An introduction to new visitors.  Here is a general introduction and a bit of who we are and what I stand for.  April 30 '15 will mark our 18th year anniversary!

Industry, Economic, General SETBroker fiduciary responsibility and "prudent Man rule" on investing.

Improvements badly needed on Thai broker's accountability regarding fiduciary responsibility or the "prudent Man rule" on investing here?

Company VisitDemco, the company visit.

Here is my original report for members on the Demco company visit.

As exactly first published on February 14 ’07, for members only.  One month later we made this report available for to all viewers.  Demco soared well 200 % in price since.  When this stock corrected back to below 5 Baht, I re-visited this company in person again in mid November 2007 and many times since then.  The full and complete update on "Demco Act 2" and regular updates since then.

DEMCO should benefit for years to come.

IntroductionInstitutional feedback given by other professionals.

Here are some short comments which were given unconditionally to Paul Renaud when asked if they had anything to say about us.  Of course, no comments or feedback has been omitted nor changed from this inquiry.

IntroductionThailand Stocks, a brief introduction.

October 20 2012.

So called 'top down' investing,  as practiced vigorously by the global institutions has been in full swing in emerging markets for more then a decade!  This practice has given rise to immense and continuously increasing stock market pricing distortions and so inefficiencies.  

With global interest rates remaining at low levels individual investors here in Thailand as around the World are rightly so seeking higher yields on their investments.

The mid to smaller companies are overall the long proven premium choices here to individual investors.  These often have less volatile stock prices, much higher cash dividends and above average earnings growth.  This is a complete reversal as compared to the U.S. or Europe, where larger companies are associated with stableness besides attractive dividends verus smaller growth companies which pay no or very little in dividends. has here documented since 1997 how one can achieve superior long term returns by being over exposed in mid and smaller capitalized Thai companies. Meaning over exposed in value growth stocks with high dividends.  Individual investors especially should seek deep values along with high dividend yields and growth rates, not big stock trading volume levels.  In year 2012 to our member documented returns exceed 50%.

This theme is the long proven superior investment performance method here offered, mostly to invidiual investors as they do not have the liquidity requirement of institituions. - the objective information & research site on investing in the Stock Market of Thailand since April 1997.
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